laura. 18. france.

노래해서 목에서 피가 나도 춤을 춰. 온 몸이 부셔져도 무대를 버릴 수 없다. 맘껏 즐길 수 없는 상황이라면 목이 터져라 소리치자. 어디까지 우리의 목소리와 우리들의 함성이 퍼져나갈지 보자. 그려려면 노래하자
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  • April project: Let’s increase the views

Spellbound x o Something x

Before u Go x o Keep your head down x o

Catch me x Humanoids x

Let’s try our hardest this month to increase the views of TVXQ’s music videos. There is no specific reason for this (i.e.awards and stuff) but these songs/videos did not get the attention they deserved. So, spread this around to any cassie you might know, korean, japanese, international fan, and let’s try to make a difference! Stream the mvs as much as you can for a whole month! 

Help from other fandoms is always appreciated ^^

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dbsk + scenery

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inspired by (x)

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