laura. 19. france.

노래해서 목에서 피가 나도 춤을 춰. 온 몸이 부셔져도 무대를 버릴 수 없다. 맘껏 즐길 수 없는 상황이라면 목이 터져라 소리치자. 어디까지 우리의 목소리와 우리들의 함성이 퍼져나갈지 보자. 그려려면 노래하자
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because having 2847195189 cats is just not enough for junsu
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dbsk au: tumblr | inspired by x
→ jaejoong (ulzzang, blogger, model)
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name: Laura

nickname: Lolo, Lola, Woody, Shoyukoto

birthday: May 20, 1995

gender: female

sexuality: straight

height: 160 cm 

time zone: UTC+01:00

what time and date is it there: 07:10AM, Monday 15th September 2014

average hours of sleep i get each night: 7-8 hours or less

otps: yunjae

the last thing i googled was: banana muffins recipe

first word that comes to mind: hat

what i last said to a family member: ”goodnight” to my mom

one place that makes me happy and why: home because there’s everything I wand and need

how many blankets i sleep under: one 

favourite beverage: coca cola & milk

the last movie i watched in the cinema was: ”Guardian of the Galaxy” 

three things i can’t live without: laptop, music, food

something i plan on learning: hanja

a piece of advice for all my followers: love yourself & live with no regrets

you have to listen to this song: Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar

my blog(s): this one

tagging whoever wants to do it~

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One Republic - Stop & Stare (YUNJAE VER.)
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