laura. 19. france.

노래해서 목에서 피가 나도 춤을 춰. 온 몸이 부셔져도 무대를 버릴 수 없다. 맘껏 즐길 수 없는 상황이라면 목이 터져라 소리치자. 어디까지 우리의 목소리와 우리들의 함성이 퍼져나갈지 보자. 그려려면 노래하자
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fighting over who has to stay in the bad room

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in which jyj are fascinated by parrots + jaejoong tries to talk to them (but only yoochun talks back)

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tvxq + colors →   j a p a n e s e    m v s     h a v e    c o l o r s    v e r s i o n

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I think I referred Changmin as my brother, a member (of Tohoshinki) in the past… and also I said that he was like a partner that I married to… But now I think about him as an alternate version of me, myself. Some parts of him that I long for/adore… Changmin is completely different from me. His personality and habits are really different from mine. In these days, instead of treating him as a companion/partner, I want to say that he is mine. And… this is very difficult for me to explain… (laugh).. well, Yes, I want to make him mine.  -– Yunho talking about his relationship with Changmin 

 trans cr: boomjagalakaberiko0214

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